Elemental Flow Sessions

We come spinning, out of nothingness,
scattering stars,
The stars form a circle….
And in the centre
We dance.


Nothing in our Universe stays static for long – life literally dances and flows in every moment. And you are no exception; your beautiful body is constantly flowing and vibrating with life.  You are the result of a trillion tiny elemental forms spinning and dancing in space.

This atomic dance has created 4 basic building blocks for life on Earth: stone, spark, wind and wave. The structure and hardness of stone, the liquid wave of water, the wild, hot flames of fire and the ethereal breath of wind dance together to form every single part of our Earth.

If we look within the human body, this sacred elemental dance continues. Each type of tissue within your body is created from stone, spark, wind and wave. And each tissue has a unique structure and vibration: some tissues are flexible and watery, others are stony and rigid. Every part of you vibrates and dances in a distinct way. The vibrational dance of liver is different from the dance of lung. Bone dances differently from brain. Blood and lymph each flow in a unique dance all their own.

From conception to death, every part of you is engaged in a sacred flowing dance. But when a tissue is hurt, diseased or damaged, its vibrational dance shifts into an unhealthy, out of balance state. Healing is about coaxing diseased, injured tissues back into a balanced vibratory state where they can dance and flow with life again.

Our world flows. These sacred elemental flows live at the heart of life and healing..

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Heal Yourself AND Mama Earth

Now you can help yourself AND Mama Earth at the same time!  Nancy Lankston offers Elemental Flow Sessions designed to reconnect you with the organic healing flows of life.  Nancy’s sessions are shamanic and energetic in nature,  so you can flow with her anywhere in the world.

Nancy specializes in shamanic Soul work; she helps people reconnect with True Self and Soul. She is also gifted at helping the dead cross (psychopomp).

Over the past 25+ years, Nancy has helped people of all ages, from infant to adult with all types of ailments. Her sessions are designed to help your body-mind  restore balance and flow. You will shift spiritually, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Your physical body will gracefully shift and transform as well.

The money from Nancy’s sessions helps fund EarthLove projects around the globe.  How does it get any better than that?!

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“Thank you for being there for me throughout this time. 
I don’t know how we would have done it without you.” (difficult pregnancy)

“You are a gem!”

“Wow! that was amazing!”

“a feeling that the issues I raised during the session are working their way through.”

“I feel more complete and whole”

” felt very soothed and connected to Spirit”

“a sense of letting go and opening to new beginnings” 

“I cannot begin to thank you enough.”

“the feeling of peace and confidence has been profound.”

“physical shifts: much less tension/constriction in my throat and chest, which is still the case…”

“feeling restored and more myself and open to new possibilities”