Listening to Earth and Sky

Aspens In Fall
Join Us November 2017
For a New Kind of Online Experience…

Listening to Earth and Sky

Can we connect with Earth and Sky like our ancestors did?

What happens when we listen deeply to Earth and Sky?

What kind of  magic can we create together?

Join us online this fall.  Connect with Earth and Sky in a magical new way.  

  • Learn how to listen and connect with the wisdom of Earth and Sky.
  • Uncover what Mama Earth and Papa Sky hope and desire for you.
  • Explore Tzcat Terra:
    • Healing ourselves and our Earth is interwoven
    • What hurts our Earth also hurts humanity.
  • Create a magical connection with the Soul of Nature.
  • Learn how you can help our beautiful planet restore balance.
  • Become an Earth Ally and Warrior!

When?  Evening sessions:
November 9th and 16th, 2017
6:30PM – 8PM  Mountain

Where?  Join us online or by phone.

Cost?  Suggested donation $10-25
All proceeds help fund Sacred Earth Institute’s global EarthLove projects.

Ready to Register? Have Other Questions?  Simply call or email us  – we will be happy to help!

Your Dream Guide


Nancy was born with the ability to “see” or sense what’s going on beneath the surface of things;  she picks up the disturbance in an energy field, the dissonant, twisted and knotted energies that keep a person or a piece of land stuck and unable to flow with joy, health and Soul. Her empathic sight is the foundation of her healing work.

Nancy’s experience is diverse. She began her career as an ICU Nurse. In 1997, she left nursing to open her own energetic healing practice.  Nancy has also written 2 books, blogged and taught hundreds of people a wide variety of healing topics.

From a childhood spent exploring and dreaming in a magical Midwest forest, Nancy developed a passion for the wild places of the world. Today she lives in northern Colorado where she communes with mountains, bears, fairies and foxes.

Praise from her students…

“such powerful medicine”

“Yes I would recommend it.”

“Pure ecstasy” 

“A big thank you. It was fun!”

“I am carrying in my body the sparkles of the sky & the metal of the earth swirling & dancing within me.”

“Nice to have small number of participants… deeper quality experience.”

“I would watch paint dry with Nancy – she is amazing!”

We choose only once.
We choose either to be warriors or to be ordinary.
~Carlos Castaneda

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