Founder Nancy Lankston

Who am I?  I have been called a dreamer, empath, light anchor, fairy, seer, healer… I’m also a partner, mom, wife, friend, sister, tree-hugger, writer, daughter and lover of Mama Earth.

I grew up exploring and dreaming in a beautiful oak forest in the midwest. Today I live in northern Colorado and I look for any excuse to hang out with Mother Nature. If there is a forest to explore or a trail to hike, I’m there! Perhaps I love the wild places so much because Bear claimed me as one of her own at an early age.

I began my career as an ICU Nurse many moons ago.  In 1997, I left nursing to open a private healing practice. I helped hundreds of people heal before closing my practice to focus on Earth Work.

I am an empathic seer. I was born with the ability to “see” or sense what’s going on beneath the surface of things; I pick up the disturbance in an energy field, the dissonant, twisted and knotted energies that keep a person or a piece of land stuck and unable to flow with natural joy and health.

Today I use my sight to work directly with Mama Earth. I help restore balance to the land and waters at sites around the globe.

Global Earth Healing

I use a mix of modern energetic and ancient shamanic healing methods when I work with Mama Earth.  My methods involve the elemental flows of stone, spark, wind and wave – the powers that form and reform our planet.  I call this type of healing Elemental Flow™ because it rebalances and restores the flow of elemental energies in a piece of land or water. This type of healing work helps Mama Earth to rebalance and heal from years of trauma, neglect, misuse and abuse.

I work with privately held lands, consulting and helping people to heal the land that they live on. I also work with public lands. Currently, my public work is focused on restoring balanced flow to various rivers and streams in North America. I help the waters to rebalance and remember their connection to their pure essence and source.

Know of a piece of public or private land that is in need of a little TLC?

Contact Me!

I also spend a lot of time on social media encouraging people to connect with and be nourished by the Soul of Nature. Why? Because I know that every single person who reconnects with Mama Earth helps heal themselves and this beautiful planet.  Now is the time to LOVE and HONOR Mama Earth before it’s too late.

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Daughter of the Mother

I am the daughter of the mother who sees beneath
Raven’s eye shows me the way through
To the other side where down is up
And time can stand still
Until the time is right. 

I am the daughter of the mother who sings in my bones
Drum song carries me out of now
To a place where Earth dances with her Sun
Spirit Bear shows me the way
I am home.