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SEI Founder Nancy Lankston
SEI Founder Nancy Lankston

Nancy began her career as an ICU Nurse and then transitioned into energetic and spiritual healing in 1997. Her experience is diverse. Over the past 25 years, she has run a successful healing practice, written books, blogged and taught hundreds of people. Nancy has taught a wide range of classes; meditation, yoga, computer science, Soul journaling, shamanic dreaming, anatomy and physiology as well as Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and the art of flowing with Soul.

Nancy spent her childhood exploring and dreaming in a magical Midwest forest. Today she lives in Colorado where she communes with bear, fairy, Earth Goddesses, owls and other wild things. Visit Nancy’s personal web site to find out more about her.

Global Earth Healing

Nancy performs sacred healing rituals on public and private lands across the globe. Her energetic acts of love help Mama Earth to rebalance and heal from trauma, neglect, misuse and abuse.

She uses  a mix of both modern and ancient earth healing methods. Many of her methods involve the elemental flows of stone, spark, wind and wave – the powers that form and reform our planet.  Nancy calls this type of healing Elemental Flow™ because t is designed to rebalance and restore the elemental energy flows of Earth and Sky.

If you know of a piece of land or water that is in need of healing, please Contact Nancy

Love Your Land

Nancy is also available to rebalance and clear the land where you live. She connects and listens deeply to the little bit of Earth you call home, then performs healing rituals to “love up” and rebalance the sacred elemental flows in and around your land.

Nancy uses the fee she charges for this service to finance Earth healing trips around the globe. So, you help your property AND other sites at the same time!  Schedule a session to “love up” your land today.

Love Your Mama